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ECOS Ltd is a dynamic and independent research & consultancy company. Through the tailored consultancy, trainings, coaching and advisory services, we support a wide range of International, Regional, Local organizations and individuals to achieve their respective objectives in effective and efficient ways.
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Area of Expertise


ECOS works with clients to understand their needs and to agree on the scope of each consulting project. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research and analyze data to gain insights into the business or assignment. We help our partners to generate data for informed decisions in project programming, management, evaluation, and learning.


We help organizations and individuals to maximize their training program objectives while saving time and resources. Based on our experience in assessing, planning, facilitating or implementing training programs, ECOS explores customized and tailored solutions to address learning and capacity development gaps. Where applicable, ECOS can join and collaborate with strategic partners.

Workshop facilitation

ECOS facilitates your workshop through extensive engagement with the client, participants and other key players by collecting relevant information, identifying underlying challenges, exploring possible solutions, and ultimately facilitating the team to define and commit to the next steps.



ECOS develops rigorous research projects for clients by recruiting and working with a well-experienced and collaborative multi-cultural team of professionals. We undertake the duties to cooperate with the clients and secure the required research clearance visa following each country's requirements and regulations. Our research team is well conversant with modern research methods and data analysis software.

Project evaluation

ECOS does baseline, midterm, and end-line project evaluation. The team of experts is able to embrace and integrate complex evaluation frameworks in a consistent way so as to generate evidence-based recommendations for change and improvement. Throughout the project the evaluation process, we encourage inclusive participation of program beneficiaries to ensure the sustainability of the project interventions at various levels.

Project implementation

ECOS undertakes project implementation, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning by documenting and sharing lessons learned through specific case studies and dissemination sessions. If need be, ECOS participates in a joint venture to successfully implement complex development projects.

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For consulting service delivery purpose, ECOS brings together over 35 consultants (national, regional and internationals) with a diverse experience and expertise. Our consultants are knowledgeable of the markets and environment in the respective industries and provide the optimum services through their extensive experience.
ECOS has a roster of over 150 well-trained males and females who actively and professionally support our field research works in different countries.


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